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We Worry About Your Lighting Needs...So You Don't Have to

We understand that lighting is just one of the many important systems that you must keep running to ensure your guests have a positive experience at your hospitality property. As a chief engineer, or maintenance professional wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to take a bit of the stress out of your day?

Let the professionals at Albrite Lighting worry about your lighting needs so you don’t have to. Let our highly trained Account Representatives create customized ordering guides for your property, provide detailed energy saving analyses and help you with any lighting related issues. We are committed to providing value added solutions to our hospitality customers.

Balancing Energy Conservation with Ambiance

Conserving energy and reducing operating budgets are key objectives in most organizations and the hospitality industry is no exception. However, your industry has to be careful to maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere as well as system dimming requirements when implementing energy saving lighting technologies.

Our Sustainable Lighting Specialists receive the most up to date product and application training and can provide with you with the most advanced lighting solutions.

Top Hotels Trust Albrite

Albrite Lighting has been a key supplier to the hospitality industry for 40 years. With a focus on value added lighting solutions for our hospitality customers, it’s easy to see why so many top hotels trust Albrite Lighting with their lighting needs. Call Us Today to arrange a meeting with one of our experienced lighting professionals.