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Reloc OC OnePass Converter

OnePass® open-ceiling wiring simplifies the installation of HID and fluorescent fixtures. OnePass Standard Features Traditional hardwiring requires three or more passes to install conduit, pull wire and hang fixtures.

  • Exclusive OCS thumbslide phase selector
  • 5 conductor max
  • 2 Neutrals available
  • 120, 240, 277,347 & 480 voltages
  • 12AWG & 10AWG 20A option
  • Use with normal, emergency, nightlight fixtures and emergency units
  • Custom cable colors available
  • NYC Certified

The OnePass Converter (OC) provides the interface between hardwiring and Reloc. Conventional wiring methods bring power from the panel to the homerun location where the OC is installed.


  • Pin-and-socket contacts.
  • Rated for use on 20-amp branch circuits.
  • Installed through standard 1/2" trade-sized knockout.
  • Additional labeling properly de-notes type and position of each conductor.
  • Uniquely keyed for industrial/open ceiling applications.
  • All conductors are No. 12 AWG copper with 90°C thermo-plastic insulation rated at 600V.
  • Safety-keying prevents accidental mismatch- ing of components with different voltages.


  • All components provide a fully rated No. 12 AWG grounding conductor.
  • 6" leads are prestripped 5/8" for ease of wiring.
  • Extremely low profile.