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Sylvania Ultra HD Professional Series LED Lamps



The SYLVANIA ULTRA HD Professional Series family of LED PAR lamps offers premium performance in every category. With exceptional color quality, efficiency, and electrical design standards, this top-tier family of lamps is designed to ensure the highest aesthetics while complying with the most stringent sustainability goals. Designed to be the most efficient replacements for halogen at 3000K, these SYLVANIA LED lamps last up to 20 times longer and are rated for use in damp locations. An optimized LED selection process is used to ensure that color within the ULTRA HD Professional family of LED lamps is extremely consistent, within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse. With outstanding color rendering capabilities (95 typical CRI) and exceptionally rich deep red content (R9>60)

ULTRA HD Professional Series LED lamps enhance warm color palettes and make whites more crisp, making them ideal for residential, hospitality, healthcare or retail applications. With lamp efficacies higher than 50 lumens per watt and smooth dimming performance, ULTRA HD Professional Series LED lamps are an ideal part of any energy conservation strategy.


  • -  95 CRI
  • -  Excellent color quality – within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse
  • -  R9 greater than 60
  • -  Lumens per watt greater than 50
  • -  Available in 3000K CCT
  • -  Available in Medium and GU24 base
  • -  UV, IR and Mercury-free
  • -  RoHS compliant
  • -  Dimmable*



  • -  Art galleries and museums
  • -  Healthcare
  • -  Hospitality
  • -  Offices
  • -  Residential
  • -  Restaurants
  • -  Retail


  • -  Accent /display lighting
  • -  General lighting
  • -  Recessed downlighting
  • -  Track lighting