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Eco-toy store switches to warm-toned LED lighting

19 August, 2013 - 09:59 -- darren
News Date: 
19 August, 2013

LEDs save money and energy — and now they look good too

With an effort to minimize plastic waste and carry sustainable products, the owners of the eco-toy store Dilly Dally Kids, also wanted to operate their business sustainably.

So when Tyler Quantz and his wife opened the East Vancouver business three years ago, they first looked into energy efficient alternatives for the halogen track lighting installed throughout the store. But Quantz found the LED lighting available at the time wasn't aesthetically pleasing.

Blenz Crossroads Gets Help from a Business Energy Advisor

12 July, 2013 - 09:08 -- darren
News Date: 
12 July, 2013

Business Energy Advisor helps Blenz tackle lighting challenges

Amy Deol wasn't focused on energy efficiency when she considered the challenges with the lighting at her coffee shop in Vancouver's Cambie Village neighbourhood.

"We have a high ceiling and the lights would always be burnt out," says Deol, owner/operator of Blenz Crossroads. "It was always a hassle to have to get someone to go up and change them."

Updates to BC Hydro Incentives - LED Incentive Increased 50%

25 June, 2013 - 13:03 -- darren
News Date: 
25 June, 2013

As the adoption of energy efficient technologies grows around the province, BC Hydro continues to update the Power Smart programs to reflect this increasing success and the changing marketplace. A rebalance to some of the incentive levels and a removal of technologies is scheduled to be implemented, as a result of updated products costs and demands for technology.

Please see the attachments for the complete lists of changes that will be instituted. Retrofits not listed in the attachment remain unchanged.


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