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Chateau Victoria

Service Date: 
1 May, 2011

When Mark Pennington arrived to his new job as Chief Engineer at the Chateau Victoria, he found some great opportunities for savings just waiting to be realized.  From his experience at previous hotels he knew the value of energy efficient lighting: significant cuts in electricity bills, and savings on maintenance costs.

Finding the correct replacement products for each specific application.

“We started off with the heat lamps in the bathrooms,” Mark remembers. “They loved those in the 70s - you get out of the shower and turn on a 250 watt bulb. But nobody expects them anymore; they’re usually just used as extra light, and 250 watts times 175 rooms is a lot of electricity.  “Basically, Albrite said we could get replacements for just about free with the BC Hydro rebate. So we changed them out.”  The heat lamps were replaced with PAR 38 lamps that provided the required light levels, but only draw 23 watts - a significant saving. Then Mark started to look at the rest of the building, working with account manager Clint Rivers at Albrite to find options that would suit lighting needs and be the most cost-effective given current rebates. “I told Clint what I wanted to work on, and asked him to tell us what we could do,” says Mark.

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